HID Spotlights

Why do people buy HID, well, for a good reason. HID does have some drawbacks, however these are equally matched with several advantages too. The main reason for HID is superior pencil beam coverage. HID can achieve distances to 1.5km where only high-powered LED will reach 800m. Furthermore, do not require significant cooling fins or heat sinks which means the cost of HID units is typically less to manufacture. 

We offer two sizes – a compact unit for small cars, ATVs or limited installation locations. The second unit is an impressive 9” x 100W HID. Both feature heavy duty construction and suitable for commercial applications. The large reflector distributes the light evenly and up to 1.5km for those long, straight outback roads where you want to see a Roo before he sees you. You know what we mean. 

Both units feature internal ballasts and simple mounting brackets made from cast aluminium so they have a good chance of surviving a Roo or three. Plus, available with wiring harness, clear covers and security nuts to complete the package.