Underwater Fishing Light

LED Fishing Lights


Assassin Green Glow Fishing Underwater Night Light 900 Lumens – 12V Waterproof

Attract fish to your favorite spot like never before with Assassin Green Glow Fishing Lights. This high-powered waterproof LED fishing light is constructed with 360o green LEDs for a massive 900 lumen brightness. Check-out the photos, they attract all sorts of creatures.

Squid, prawns and fish are drawn to the bright green light and can be much more effective than burley. These lights are proven and come with a sealed poly-carbonate cover with capped ends. The lights have internal weights and are very simple to use. These lights are very effective to position around outboards at night to reduce tangles around the prop.


Technical Information:

5-Sided LED Fishing Light with 360o coverage
180 Green Super Bright SMD LEDs at 900 Lumens
11W – 0.9Amps at 12VDC
50,000 hour design life
Heavy Duty 5m power chord with battery clips
Submersible IP68 rating


Packaging – Each unit comes professional packed in a colour blister pack ready for retail sale with certified EAN Barcode. 40 units per carton at 20kg – 50cm x 40cm x 25cm


Size – 200mm long unit with 5m lead

Weight – 395g

Warranty – 12 months 

Optional Extras – Require a completely portable option to use on jetties and ramps then consider one of our portable 12V power banks with 5V USB outlet to keep your phone charged to capture the moment. 


Why Green Light?

Green and blue light penetrate the most through water so fish are attracted to this light more. A LED light operating in this wavelength alone will provide much greater penetration than halogen of much greater power as halogens distribute light across the other wavelengths, and also some in the green colour spectrum.

We recommend green, since it has great penetration, easy on our eyes, and does not inhibit our night vision capacity. It also appeals to many fish species, krill and squid. It is these small creates that attract the larger fish and not so much that fish are attracted to the light, they tend to be attracted to the food. Squid self-illuminate green light and use this as a form of communication and have very similar eye function to humans. They are attracted to the green light for 2 reasons; firstly as it is light and secondly because it can be confused for other squid.